Colt Silvers - Red Panda (2013)


01. Season Of Silence
02. As We Walk
03. Hide And Seek
04. Silver Horses
05. Summer And Fall
06. Panda Romance
07. Youth
08. Peaches
09. Werewolves
10. Above The Ocean
11. Zugzwang
12. Anywhere We Go
13. Sometimes
14. Stories

COLT SILVERS is composed by French trio Tristan Lepagney, Agnan Banholzer and Nicolas Lietaert. Their debut album, Night of the Living Robots, was released in 2009 and now they are back with new material. Both releases were made possible by the French indie label Deaf Records.

Red Panda is COLT SILVERS’ sophomore album release with fourteen songs and catchy chorus lines that will stick in your head and have you singing the rest of your lovely day. Listening back on their work from 2009 one will notice that the band changed their style from an indie/dance/rock to more of a synth/pop kind of genre.

COLT SILVERS picked a good song to start with in Red Panda, that gives the listener a general idea of what to expect for the rest of the album. The opening song Season of Silence starts by a string sounding synth, slowly fading in, followed by an upbeat drum rhythm and the sticky chorus lines that characterize the band for more than anything.

Most of the songs in their most recent work have these components. Peaches has to be one of the best songs in here. It has good lyrics, nice bass and guitar riffs, and fancy female vocals, which put a little more variety into the singing on the album in general. This song is divided in two, the second part, Werewolves, has a fat sounding techno sequence with a steady beat, guaranteed to have you wanting for more. It might not be the most innovative or spectacular record of this sort of music but if you share a special love fot such sounds, please make sure to check out this longplayer and maybe leave some love for the guys from Frnace. Red Panda is already available in iTunes and the physical release will be on March 20th.