Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave - 2013 - Album


01. Wave
02. LA Calling
03. You & I
04. Separator
05. No Man
06. Bridge Of Bones
07. Love Natural
08. Are We One
09. These Nights
10. Everywhere


Good news – the summer is here, at least in the world of music, as the British/Spanish folktronica indie band CRYSTAL FIGHTERS – formed in London in 2007 –  come up with their second album Cave Rave recorded in LA and released on 27 May 2013 via Zirkulo/PIAS/Atlantic Records. After their really successful debut Star of Love released in 2010 we know how talented the guys from CRYSTAL FIGHTERS are, as almost every song of the LP got a quite popular single. So what can we expect from Cave Rave ?

Doubtless the record is full of life, hope, joy, energy, enthusiasm, exhilaration and of course full of love. There are plucking guitars, afro drums, loads of different electronic effects, keyboards and lovely vocals sometimes with a bit of an accent. You can also hear the typical CRYSTAL FIGHTERS chanting and synth pop elements in some songs. The record is full of potential earworms and unique songs which are either danceable or dreamy.

The first song of the record Wave is also the first single of their album. The upbeat indie pop song is quite electric and starts with the sounds of waves indeed. LA calling and You and I are much more good mood beach songs with plucking acoustic guitars, afro drums and lovely background vocals. The songs not only unleash summer feelings, they are also rhythmically masterpieces with a lot variety.

Separator and Are We One sound more like their debut record. They have the synth driven electronic sound we already know from CRYSTAL FIGHTERS. Bridge of Bones is definitely a highlight of the record. It is totally new and different: they simply took a piano, an acoustic guitar and lovely melodies that create a stripped back slow song. It is a thoughtful and catchy song about not giving up finding love and it is definitely a good one to sing along.

The album ends with two ballads: These Nights and Everywhere. These Nights is full of tropical sounds whilst Everywhere is a synth driven song that unfolds fearlessness. All in all Cave Rave is kind of different to Star of Love . The main things the albums have in common are the high quality feel-good hippie lyrics of almost each song and the unique chancing. Cave Rave is much more like a huge beach party than Star of Love. It possibly could put you in a vacation to paradise and is one of those records you can listen to again and again, a record you can dance to, a record that helps you to feel free and invincible, a record you will always connect with experiences and a record that gives you a lot of hope.