Although we are all very much aware of the power of music, art and creative work and their ability to give hope and strengthen our souls, at times this is simply not enough. Sometimes it’s impossible to carry on our daily routines when the world around us is set on fire. At least, that’s the feeling we as Europeans have at the moment when seeing the refugee drama happening. It is present everywhere and it is no longer possible to ignore the suffering and struggle of politics and people these days. It is hard for us here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION to turn away from all this and keep writing about new music videos and fresh releases these days. These are times when people of all ages, including children, are dying in the Mediterranean Sea or on the streets of Europe. People who are escaping from war, terror and death. It’s cynical to a massive degree. We don’t want to be cynical; we don’t want to ignore that. This is why we made a decision.

From today on, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will take six days of silence to raise awareness of the current situation, to remember those who died on the way to Europe and to encourage you to get active. Spend the time you’d spend in front of the computer to inform yourself about special actions and campaigns somewhere near you. Team up with your friends and colleagues and TAKE ACTION: spend much needed things, clothes, money and most important: your time. Let help be your hip lifestyle in these troubled times. Join a refugee camp or a welcome booth at a local train station, activate your social network and use the hashtag #refugeeswelcome beyond Twitter, Instagram and Co.

But most of it all: become aware and don’t be silent. People all over Europe are filled with resentments, anger and hate towards those who are desperately looking for help and shelter. Some of the complainers are frustrated, most of them are just lacking of information to see the bigger picture. And some are just unbelievably stupid. Don’t let those people talk you down! Stand up against the people who are against refugees.

‘Fight xenophobia whenever possible and maybe even make your own doubts change.’

Unfortunately, politics won’t be able to help us. We have to do this by ourselves. Trust us, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is as skeptical about the whole political environment of the EU as you might be, but we know the people around and we know that the people of Europe are stronger than the hate and the current political inability. Everything is about hope and passion, but we have to be passionate about creating a hopeful environment for everyone in everyone’s environment as well.

We are well aware that those problems won’t be fixed within the few days until we are back writing about music. This is not a selfish maneuver and we are very much aware that NBHAP will not change the world. But we want to encourage everyone to take at least small steps towards a better future. Because we all hold the future in our hands, so let’s make sure that it’s gonna be one that we don’t regret.


the people of NBHAP