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Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

[one_half last=”yes”]DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979
The Physical World

Release-Date: 09.09.2014
Label: Caroline International/Universal

01. Cheap Talk
02. Right On Frankenstein!
03. Virgins
04. Always On
05. Crystal Ball
06. White Is Red
07. Trainwreck 1979
08. Nothin’ Left
09. Government Trash
10. Gemini
11. The Physical World


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Continuity vs. Development
The thing is that what sounds so easy has actually not been accomplished by any other band since DEATH FROM ABOVE released You’re A Woman I’m A Machine ten years ago. Their sound is so distinct, why in the world would you change it? Or like Sebastien Grainger self-ironically puts it in Right On Frankenstein!: “Nothing’s new/ it’s the same old song just a different tune”

Oh yes, it’s time to revive the iconic logo of this band and it’s about time that we get some new one-liners to print on T-shirts, tote bags and other people’s timelines. Examples? Here you go: ‘On the weekend, everyone’s your best friend!’ (Crystal Ball), ‘No money, no love, no tenderness’ (Nothin’ Left), ‘I was born on a highway, in a trainwreck’ (Trainwreck 1979) – go explore it yourself!

Present Tense
For sure, we eagerly awaited this second record. And it’s a massive blast. Nonetheless, it’s at least questionable if there’s really a need for yet another DFA-record in, let’s say, ten years from now. But that’s not important anyway. This music’s for the moment – live it, dance it, hype it. And if it becomes irrelevant any time soon, don’t forget how much fun you’ve had with it.

The second album from legendary dance-punk-duo DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 is exactly what you expect it to be: massive fun and a punch in the face for all the rip-offs and wannabes.