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Deptford Goth - Cover

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Release-Date: 03.11.2014
Label: 37 Adventures

01. Relics
02. Do Exist
03. The Lovers
04. We Symbolise
05. Code De Clicked
06. The Loop
07. A Circle
08. Near To A River
09. Dust
10. Two Hearts
11. A Shelter, A Weapon

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Autumn melancholia

Songs is the perfect record for melancholic autumn days – like leaves falling to the ground it slowly clears a path to the bottom of your heart. The more often you listen to it, the more profound it gets. This time – in contrast to his debut record Life After Defo – Daniel Woolhouse attaches more value to his voice and lyrics what clearly strengthens the album’s deepness. According to him, this change happened unconsciously but allows his music more honesty and frankness.

Dreamy electronica

Woolhouse unifies longing and dreamy electronica with R&B, synth-pop, soul and singer-songwriter elements. With that, he hits the zeitgeist perfectly: most listeners aren’t satisfied with only a discreet used guitar and a clear voice, they also want electronic fragments. Besides, not only his music, but also the person behind seems thoughtful and dreamy – the video for the single Two Hearts shows Woolhouse standing at a shore, his pensive face close-up  in change with melancholic nature shots. It appears like every word  would come directly from his heart with true honesty.


DEPTFORD GOTH‘s second record is like we expected it – harmonious, thoughtful and dreamy. Quite basically the perfect soundtrack for melancholic autumn days. Still, the distinct to it’s predecessor is quite small – but did we really want an obvious change?

DEPTFORD GOTH’s ‘Songs’ is an album full of longing and thoughtful melodies; uniting dreamy pop with harmonious electronica and singer-songwriter elements.