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DNKL - Wolfhour

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Release-Date: 17.11.2014
Label: Sugarcane Recordings

01. Wolfhour
02. Warm Dark Night
03. Battles
04. Hunt
05. Hunt (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
06. Battles (Seekae Remix)
07. Wolfhour (Sun Glitters Remix)
08. Battles (Lambert Rework)


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Warm Darkness
Artwork, band name (‘Dunkel’ is German for dark), appearance, sound and lyrics – everything around this up and coming Swedish pop act is linked to darkness in one way or the other. Not a new thing to do really, but in this case the dark aesthetic is a warm and calming one and it serves a purpose: the music. Wolfhour is DNKL‘s first release and it appears to be very carefully planned, ambitious and focussed.

As two thirds of DNKL are engaged in Gothenburg-based post-rock outfit IMMANU EL as well, it is quite obvious that there will be hints of their previous work on Wolfhour. Mainly it’s two things: Claes Strängberg’s beautifully hushed vocals and a general tendency towards complex, intertwined harmony/rhythm-schemes. Apart from that the dynamics work on a more ethereal level here, containing subtle changes that let the songs ebb and flow very organically.

It’s common sense that with electronic music you’re more open to remixes by others. This very own culture helps to establish a supportive network which is not the worst thing for a young up and coming band like DNKL. Consequently, they collected four remixes of their own songs for this EP. Judging by the contributing artists (SUN GLITTERS, KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS) and the quality of the songs (just listen to LAMBERT‘s rework of Battles) DNKL are in the process of growing something very substantial here.

With their first EP Swedish electro pop newcomer DNKL establish a very own aesthetic of warm darkness – carefully planned, ambitious and focussed.