dorena - nuet - album cover


1. Semper
2. Her Comforting Touch
3. Young Hearts Of Summer
4. Dandelion
5. My Childhood Friend
6. A Late Farewell
7. The All-Clear

The Swedish post-rock/instrumental five man band is back with their third album Nuet. DORENA is composed by Kim Ruiz, Andreas Brandt, Robin Lindstrom, Simon Rohlen and Jonatan Tikas, but before they came up with DORENA some of these guys were in a screamo band together. Luckily they took on another musical approach and have been releasing albums since 2008.

Nuet begins with the track Semper, it has a clean guitar with some reverb, solid percussion and some vocal accompaniment. The second track, Her Comforting Touch, starts off with an 8bit sounding sequence which ends up being the base of the whole track after a whole musical arrangement is built on top of it. Dandelion is one of the two songs in the album that has lyrics, although if you want to sing to it you probably want to learn Swedish first, and the vocals sound very much like JÓHNSI, from SIGUR RÓS. My Childhood Friend is probably the most uplifting and energetic song of the album; it starts by being calm and subtle and evolves to that point on where there is so much power. A Late Farewell is the other song with lyrics, it has a more nostalgic feel in the beginning but then transcends to distortion and strings.

Overall if you like listening to bands like THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, , GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, you will enjoy DORENA’s Nuet.

Nuet is to be released on March 12, 2013. If you have the opportunity go support the band at DUNK!FESTIVAL on March 31st, it should be a cool performance.