douglas greed - masked up

In a spontaneously announced live show, DOUGLAS GREED chose a very intimate location to shoot a video for his next single Masked Up And Messed Up. The single should also be the motto for a weird action with band and people. But first to the show. Together with his live buddies Michael Nagler (percussion) and Fabian Kuss (voice), DOUGLAS GREED established an impressive live set of his current release KRL. In many shows over the last months, the band created a vibrant demonstration of live electronic music. All songs are performed with live vocals and percussion which makes room for variation and connection to the crowd. The guys spread lots of fun to play, impressive drive and soulfoul emotion – a mix to make the perfect fit between party and concert.

The Theatercafe in Jena, Germany, just a few steps away from DOUGLAS GREED’s label home and creative cell of German electronic music FREUDE AM TANZEN, was selected for this short live set. As the message has spread quickly in the city, soon after the doors were opened, more people wanted to enter than actually possible. The packed little room was the perfect setting for what came. One after the other, the band shot out their songs to raise both temperature and moves oft he crowd. Close before the end, many of the people as well as the band were taped around their heads to look both masked up and messed up as the single title goes. The song was shot twice and we expect some anarchic and intimate party pictures in the clip that is to be released in late march.

Until Masked Up And Messed Up gets released you can listen to DOUGLAS GREED‘s track This Time here.