edapollo - Shallow Swell EP - 2014 - cover

EDAPOLLOShallow Swell

1. Breathing Lessons
2. Sundancer
3. Tisno
4. Marcelo

Time to take a look a new ambient electronic artist. Ed Bidgood aka EDAPOLLO released his Shallow Swell EP via Bad Panda Records. Wonderful tunes to chill out. Chillwave and ambient electronic music is on the rise, maybe because of the simply fact that “normal life” accelerates more and more and due to this people are longing for the right music to calm down. With Shallow Swell EDAPOLLO definitely brings exactly this. Four songs to calm down, four songs to close your eyes and dance inside your minds.

Fans of acts like BOARDS OF CANADA, SUN GLITTERS, THRUPENCE and more will highly adore the music Ed Bidgood crafted on this EP. An EP that is perfect the perfect soundtrack for a lazy day – or to listen to to get lost in thoughts.

Although the year is pretty young and still cold, this EP brings warmth. And it brings you Breathing Lessons, makes you a Sundancer, and fall in love with Tisno or Marcelo.

Listen to EDAPOLLO‘s Shallow Swell EP below.

With ‘Shallow Swell’ British producer EDAPOLLO released a delicate soundtrack to get lost in thoughts.

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5