emika - dva - album cover


1. Hush (Interlude)
2. Young Minds
3. She Beats
4. Filters
5. After The Fall
6. Sing To Me
7. Dem Worlds
8. Primary Colours
9. Sleep With My Enemies
10. Wicked Game
11. Fight For Your Love
12. Mouth To Mouth
13. Searching
14. Centuries
15. Criminal Gift

Dva. Is it called “diva” or “dva” (czech for “two”)? Recently EMIKA told us that her new album is pronounced “dva” and not diva. And Dva because of different reasons. On the one hand it is EMIKA‘s second full-length album. On the other hand she was raised in the UK, but has Czech roots. So she grew up between two cultures. And why calling an album “two” or “2” when she also can name it “Dva” and it still makes sense? Still a fact that a lot of people keep saying “diva”. However, Dva is EMIKA‘s new album which will be released in early June via Ninja Tune.

With Dva EMIKA returns to the music of her roots. It is a triumph of keenly felt and brilliantly expressed reflections of oppression and freedom, political, sexual and artistic. Dva is the exploration of self-expression and sound, taking dark dub pop, sound design inspirations melding with classical music of her upbringing.

Dva is an album that is melancholic and dark. At the same time it is an album that shows that EMIKA is able to do. She can make you dance and get lost in thoughts at the same time. And isn’t this what we are searching for from time to time? Music to dance to while your eyes are closed and you are all alone with yourself. A travel through thoughts, memories as well as good and bad times. While dancing to these sounds the time seems to stop. The perfect music to search for solutions and ways out of difficulties – and to finally dance them away.

EMIKA – “She Beats” from “Dva”

She Beats and Dva are the first single outputs of Dva. While She Beats is a rather dark electronic song, Searching is an almost r&b influenced club track. “Look into my eyes / tell me if I got this wrong” – One thing is for sure: Searching, Dva and EMIKA are breathtaking. Whoever thinks this isn’t true seriously got everything wrong and simply did not understand what the music is about.

EMIKA – “Searching” from “Dva”

Probably the biggest surprise on EMIKA‘ new album Dva is the cover version of CHRIS ISAAK’s song Wicked Game. Not many artists took the step to do a cover version of this classic, but she made the song her own! The blues-drenched, introspective atmosphere of the original is retained, but its palette is effortlessly updated via deep dub textures, addictive drums and fragile, echoing melody. Like all the best covers, it matches the original by understanding it enough to do it justice. Definitely the song that gives Dva the touch a perfection…

EMIKA – “Wicked Game” from “Dva”