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Facts about ESNS 2014

Total visitors ESNS 2014 (sold out): 38500
Conference visitors (sold out): 3275
Nationalities: 39
Acts: 337
Number of stages at Eurosonic: 36
Number of stages at Noorderslag: 11
Media & journalists: 307
EBU radio stations: 30
ETEP festivals: 89
International festivals: 419

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2014 – the place where the music industry meets and new stars are born

Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) is the place where the music industry meets and new stars are born. With 3275 delegates from the industry, 38500 festival visitors and 307 journalists, the festival has a huge impact on what happens in Europe in terms of music. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION visited Groningen, the Netherlands to find out about the newest trends and of course the hottest musical acts.

Besides the European Border Breaker Awards (EBBA) and the European Festival Awards (EFA), tons of panels and conferences about the future of the music industry were held at ESNS. Festivals are more and more reliant on foreign visitors, was one of the things that was talked about. Also that maintaining careers for artists gets more and more a big problem and since music is everywhere it gets worthleess. A lot of discussions about how to handle problems and how to direct things into a good direction, a direction that is good for bands, artists, agencies, labels and everyone involved in the music industry.

Besides that 337 bands and artists played ESNS – not to talk about the countless off-festival shows that took place at small bars during the same days. Each year new talents get discovered and new stars are born. Acts like CHVRCHES, JAMES BLAKE and THE XX had their break-through at Eurosonic. Also this year the delegates checked out tons of artists to find out who might be the next big thing. On the next pages NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has a list of the 12 best and most buzzed acts at ESNS 2014 for you.