Digitalism - Photo by Magnetism

Photo by Magnetism

‘Yeah, woah-hoh… There’s something in the air … do you remember these lines and the pumping tune that carried them? Pogo by DIGITALISM was the tune that dominated most of the summer in 2007 and it played a crucial part in the whole short-living ‘Nu-Rave’ movement which the band partly also ignited, thanks to tunes like Zdarlight. Almost a decade later Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi are still going strong and the two gentlemen from Hamburg are about to return with a fresh full-length next week, called Mirage.

The new DIGITALISM album is the first one since 2011’s I Love You Dude by judging from its first single Go Time they haven’t lost their tourch when it comes to powerful indietronic anthems. Mirage will deliver a variety of ideas by the group, from glitchy and dirty electronic tunes to smooth synthpop anthems. Exclusively for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION the band produced a fancy guestmix, featuring new sounds and current favourites. And as always when DIGITALISM are involved you can expect state of the art floorfillers and 40 minutes of uplifting electronic sounds. So, yes, there’s really something in the air and we happily invite you to discover it right here.