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Perpetual Motion People

NBHAP Rating: 3,7/5


[one_half last=”yes”]EZRA FURMAN
Perpetual Motion People

Release-Date: 03.07.2015
Label: Bella Union

01. Restless Year
02. Lousy Connection
03. Hark! To the Music
04. Haunted Head
05. Hour of Deepest Need
06. Wobbly
07. Ordinary Life
08. Tip of a Match
09. Body Was Made
10. Watch You Go By
11. Pot Holes
12. Can I Sleep in Your Brain?
13. One Day I Will Sin No More



A double-edged sword

It’s hard to classify anybody, we’re always on the road and we’re constantly changing. Chicago born, San Francisco based artist EZRA FURMAN is more than aware of that. He’s ‘restless in most aspects’, as he affirms in a press release. Hence the title of his third album, Perpetual Motion People, which he recorded with his current band the BOY-FRIENDS. But be warned, FURMAN is carrying a double-edged sword.

Delightful variety

Punk rock’s rebellion and musical understatement, a Broadway production’s pomposity, Indie rock’s energy with a twist, JAMIE T‘s playfulness or DYLAN’s introspective reflection. They’re all there – on just one record. Somehow magically held together by EZRA FURMAN‘s raw voice, the album offers delightful variety, while trying its best not to lose focus. When everything’s in motion and constantly moving, however, that’s quite a challenging task.

Genre bending quirkiness

As a result, Perpetual Motion People alternates quieter and more upbeat songs almost too calculatedly. One song after another, FURMAN wants you to dance the one second, and comforts you the next. Incidentally, the not so hurried songs – like Hour of Deepest Need or Ordinary Life – are far more irresistible. The sense for melody the songwriter proves here tends to be buried in the quirkiness of the faster songs. You know, there’s a certain point where restlessness becomes chaotic. Perpetual Motion People walks on the edge of it sometimes. But like EZRA FURMAN declares, life in perpetual motion is ‘good way to be. If you are never sure footing, you don’t get bored and the world is always new.’ Agreed, restlessness isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, but just as little is contemplation.

Perpetual Motion People is a fascinating, varied album. EZRA FURMAN’s shows us a hell of good time, but even more remarkably, leaves room to rest and contemplate.