Fink - Live 2014

It’s very unusual that you’re going to a concert and standing amazed in the audience while the support group is still on. Let’s face it: 95% of all support groups sucks. Not tonight. The London based ‘poet’ DOUGLAS DARE is a critical high acclaimed Singer/Songwriter and shows his powerful and gloomy ballads to a stunned audience. No doubt, DOUGLAS DARE has a bright future ahead.

FINK invite the crowd to a 90-minute set full of intimate moments, laughter and magical melodies. Frontman Fin Greenall may look like a hiphop-pimp but his buttery, gospelish voice makes everybody swayed around in his/her own world. No one even dares to whisper, breath on hold. Mid tempo gems  such as This Is The Thing or the magnificant Truth Begins show again what Greenall is capable of: to play his melancholie, Dawson’s Creek-ish songs in a way that makes you feel warm, wanted and needed. That may sound cheesy as hell but let’s be honest: this is why we all are here at Heimathafen.

‘We wanna go back, playing some old school songs old school style!’ introduced the four-piece, campfire atmosphere songblock off their early work. After set closer Berlin Sunrise the band looked at each other like they couldn’t believe what just happened. Neither did the audience.

[youtube id=”8RskdeuemX4″ width=”620″ height=”335″]

Article by Philipp Maxrath