finner_presse_2_by_Bianca_Beckers‘What if I get lost in the sea? Would you keep quiet or go and get help instead?’, asks Thorsten FINNER in his song Lost In The Sea. We don’t know what the person, the song is directed to, would do, but we don’t want FINNER to get lost. At least not until he played the concert in Berlin that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is presenting.

Living in Northern Germany between Bremen and Hamburg, FINNER probably has some connection to the sea. Song titles like Stormy Skies and Mr. Ferryman and his regular stays on the Danish island of Fanø, increase this assumption. Besides there is this funny coincidence that the word FINNER also is a term for the fin whale.

Thorsten FINNER is actually one of the members of the German indie band EVERLAUNCH but now has decided to work on his own material without having to accept compromises. The songs tell FINNER‘s personal stories, about the harsh life on Fanø, about being on one’s travels and Seaside Stories – that’s the album title.

The Seaside Stories will be released on March 14 via Greywood Records. To celebrate this, FINNER and his band will give a concert at the Privatclub Berlin on the same day. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives away 2×2 tickets. If you are into singer-songwriter indie pop and acoustic guitars, you should go there. All you have to do is send an email to with the subject ‘Finner’ (Deadline March 12th). Good luck!

The video for Lost In The Sea was shot on Fanø as well. Below you can watch the result.