Fucked Up - 'Glass Boys' - Cover- 2014


01. Echo Boomer
02. Touch Stone
03. Sun Glass
04. The Art Of Patrons
05. Warm Change
06. Paper The House
07. DET
08. Led By Hand
09. The Great Divide
10. Glass Boys



In comparison to their previous albums, FUCKED UP have evolved in several ways: musically, with regards to content, humanly. Formed in 2001 in the Toronto hardcore scene, the band around Damain ‘Pink Eyes’ Abraham has seen many events in their career. Basically, life has taken its toll on them: they grew older, gained experiences, and destroyed more than one live set. Nothing new about that, it’s a story often written by destiny. However, in the case of the Canadian epic-hardcore band, their songs got more personal, more direct – just as fate will have it – more complex. The result is an untamed collection of passionate, diverse songs rousing as hell!

Most contributing to the intensity of the album is doubtlessly singer Abraham’s fierce and boisterous voice. Further, its constant dissonances and diverse riffs, varying from fast and heavy to melodious, also add to an unsteady listening experience. Thematically, the album’s quintessence is presented in some of the most joyous and creative ways. Introducing the opening track with a sweet xylophone sound, only to get heavier and more ‘punk’ from second to second, is only one entertaining element.

Lyrics such as ‘The way I make my living with is driving me insane’ or shabby and patriotic beer anthems are another hearty feature of the ten-track opus. Musically, punk music lovers get their money’s worth: distorted power chords, fancy compositions, and blasting amps warm every punkophile’s heart track by track. The adventurous character of the songs reminds on DINOSAUR JR., their intensity is similar to BANE. With the help of Bill Skibbe (THE DEAD WEATHER, THE KILLS, LOWER DENS), Glass Boys was recorded entirely analogously.

Our most favourite songs are Sun Glasses – a catchy and funny declaration of love to our live-giving star – and Warm Change, featuring a great guitar solo and even organ sounds. More reflective and profound songs are title track Glass Boys and Paper The House, leaving you with an all challenging feel.

‘Glass Boys’ by FUCKED UP is a message of love to punk, a soundtrack for hardcore romantics, and a record for several ups and downs of everyday life.

NBHAP Rating: 3/5

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