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Goat - 'Commune' - Cover

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Release-Date: 22.09.2014
Label: Sub Pop

01. Talk to God
02. Words
03. The Light Within
04. To Travel the Path Unknown
05. Goatchild
06. Goatslaves
07. Hide From the Sun
08. Bondye
09. Gathering of Ancient Tribes

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


True psychedelia

This is music that defies the ‘psych’ genre that’s been so whimsically bandied about in recent years. GOAT are an experience; the only thing that matches whirling around your bedroom to their records is seeing them performed live, which is a transcendental experience. It’s no wonder that they refer to their performances as rituals rather than concerts – they’re true psychedelic exorcisms.

World music

The title of their debut record was more than fitting. There’s inspiration here drawn from every corner; exotic strings, howling vocals, unfamiliar rhythms. Voodoo worship, witch doctors, beating chests around a fire. Intricacies, the foreign and unknown, the delightful inter-tanglement of every corner; Commune is a synthesis.

Primal energy

From a band named after a mountain-skipping animal, there’s definitely a raw energy throughout Commune. Things have toned down and smoothed out a little since their last release; it’s a slightly matured second record. But the call of the wild is still there. ‘Too many people live on their knees’ is the chant in Goatslaves, and continuing this vein, Commune asks us to rise up and demand more from our surroundings.

GOAT’s ‘Commune’ is a sonic safari, a true adventure through the halls of psychedelia. Its exotic airs and raw energy combine to make a powerful record.