Highasakite - Silent Treatment - Album Cover 2014

HIGHASAKITESilent Treatment

1. Lover, Where Do You Live?
2. Since Last Wednesday
3. Leaving No Traces
4. Hiroshima
5. My Only Crime
6. I, the Hand Grenade
7. Darth Vader
8. Iran
9. The Man On the Ferry
10. Science & Blood Tests



Finally, HIGHASAKITE release their long-awaited debut album Silent Treatment. Back at Øya Festival 2012 in Oslo, Norway, Justin Vernon aka BON IVER fell in love with the Norwegian band, and suddenly there was a huge hype around HIGHASAKITE. Their song Indian Summer, taken from the Highasakite EP, became quite a hit. Indian Summer was on heavy rotation, even at last year’s Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival. Wherever HIGHASAKITE played they took the crowd’s breath. So it’s time for Silent Treatment now. In the band’s home country Norway the album was already released some weeks ago, and – of course – it charted on number one.

Silent Treatment surely won’t be a chart breaking number one album in other countries, at least not for now. But one thing is for sure: with their debut album HIGHASAKITE created something that is simply wonderful. Something that will take the listener’s breath, even when they never heard about the Nordic act before. Ten songs that couldn’t be more beautiful, with an atmosphere that one hardly can put into words. An atmosphere somewhere between dreamy and thoughtful, that every now and then heavily invites to dance with eyes closed, or a smile on the face. While the opening track Lover, Where DO You Live? will make you stare into the clouds while you’ll lose yourself in thoughts about love, songs like Since Last Wednesday, Darth Vader and Iran will make you dance.

All in all Silent Treatment has everything we awaited from HIGHASAKITE‘s debut album: hits, hits, hits – and well, even more wonderful atmospheric songs with Ingrid Helene Håvik wonderful voice. Already now one of the strongest albums of 2014!

HIGHASAKITE‘s long-awaited debut album Silent Treatment has everything to be one of the strongest album releases of 2014. There’s no way to not hit the repeat button over and over again.

NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5


10.04.2014 – CH – Zürich – Bogen F
13.04.2014 – DE – Munich – Ampere
14.04.2014 – DE – Cologne – Studio 672
15.04.2014 – DE – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
16.04.2014 – DE – Dresden – Beatpol
17.04.2014 – DE – Hannover – Pavillon
22.04.2014 – DE – Hamburg – Uebel&Gefährlich
23.04.2014 – DE – Berlin – Bi Nuu