How To Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion - album cover


01 The wake-up
02 Keep it together
03 And the sky began to scream
04 Ice age
05 Welcome oblivion
06 On the wing
07 Too late, all gone
08 The province of fear
09 How long?
10 Strings and attractors
11 Recursive self-improvement
12 Unintended consequences
13 We fade away
14 The loop closes (Vinyl only)
15 Hallowed ground (Vinyl only)

From the ashes left by Trent Reznor decided to shelve NINE INCH NAILS (who just said they will return soon), arose an EP in 2010. On it his trademark songs of post-industrial music were given a sweet touch with the incredible voice of his wife Mariqueen Maanding on some songs, bringing them a velvety darkness. HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS now released their new debut album Welcome Oblivion.

Following the trail left in 2010 with the debut EP An Omen, Welcome Oblivion is experimenting with the dark side of post-industrial, presenting his music as something unique and beautiful. The album begins with Wake Up, starting the musical journey via distorted recordings with a solid foundation and angelic choirs Maanding. Turning to Keep It Toghether you’ll find very sweet whispered melodies with this song more pulling aside much environmental stress but inadvertently captures our attention right away, pianos and other instruments arise from nothing to a solid foundation carried by electronic sounds. You’ll also find great songs with different settings but all focused on a very intimate side Ice Age – which also got a video directed by John Hillcoat (The Road, Lawless) –  turns out to be one of the finest songs on the album along with All Gone Too Late. The record also features many conversations between Reznor and Maanding, a very close and very personal to the couple, providing us with very complicated but also fascinating content.

In short it is an album of interest for all fans of the musician Reznor as it shows him accompanied with people very close to him and that makes the album one full of complicity, intimacy and closeness. Stream the whole longplayer right here and now and feel invited to buy it on vinyl, CD and digital download.