joy wellboyWell, it’s a good thing Nothing But Hope And Passion is a bit late on this write up because as of today TEMPLES have been replaced by JOY WELLBOY to round out the three bands at September’s Introducing showcase.  RUEN BROTHERS and CHARITY CHILDREN are the other two acts in the monthly free buffet of this free, first-come, first-served (sign up online for the guest list) show taking place Friday, September 27th at Berlin’s Lido Club.


The RUEN BROTHERS sounds like Roy Orbison by way of Liverpool.  Fans of early rock n roll will not be disappointed with these (actual) brothers sound.

CHARITY CHILDREN is a Berlin-based, New Zealand born indie-folk band, fans of FEIST will not be disappointed.

The band will be playing songs from their debut album The Autumn Came.


Headliners are Belgian band JOY WELLBOY.  Wim Janssens has a gravelly voice like TOM WAITS, and counterpart Joy Adegoke has a breathy, soulful sound that its equal parts CAT POWER and BETH GIBBONS. All this goes down over sparse electro tracks. It’s going to be an ideal show to ease you into the slowly darkening season of autumn.