There is a new RnB talent on the rise from the growing scene in Oslo. Marie Noreger grew up on an island outside of Oslo with nature at her doorstep. Her musical output shows that proximity to nature in the way its melodies flow organically into soft RnB beats. DDVS is the singer’s sophomore EP and grew from the grounds of her chosen home. “Sometimes I feel like I almost can’t hear myself in the city. When I am closer to nature, I can really listen to myself and my emotions,” Marie says about her relocation.

As a child she was used to having the forest at her disposal whenever she wanted, taking early morning walks with her dog in pajamas. In the city that is a little difficult. However, the artist still managed to carve a niche for herself to listen to her emotions. “When writing both EPs I had traveled before and written so much down. So, when I was back in the city there was so much, I wanted to say. Now I have not been inspired to write new stuff. I really want to go on a trip and download some inspiration,” she laughs.


DDVS is rooted in the singer’s observations about human relationships and interactions. She sings of love, existential crisis, and friendship in mellow RnB tones. When talking about her music, a spark ignites the bright blue eyes of the artist. “I have a special relationship to this EP, especially boneless. The track is written from other people’s perspectives thinking about how we all have the same foundations, but we live such different lives. We should be very careful about judging others because we have no idea. That inspired me to write the song.”

Bonelessness as Marie Noreger describes it is that state of restlessness but also as remaining open and fluid to other people’s experiences and perspectives. “When you don’t have bones, you are moving, you are floating through life, you don’t have anything that keeps you together”.

Disco Doll

There is meaning behind every letter that Marie Noreger uses. That shows in the title of the EP. DDVS stands for Disco Doll in a Velvet Suit. “It is my alter ego”, the blonde singer laughs during the interview. “She is freer, more colorful, happy, and 80s inspired.” The origin story of the Disco Doll came from the artist’s first Gmail account – which she uses still by the way. “Whenever I write emails people see that name.” It is that careless playfulness that the EP is chasing.

“The whole theme is me wanting to get back to the version that was more carefree. When I was younger, I did not care about anything. We used to dance in the street with my friends all the time. At some point, I started overthinking and got very limited because of that. Making this EP is about getting back to that version of myself that does not care that much.”

Marie Noreger seems to have gotten closer to that goal. Telling from speaking to the artist, she bears a certain lightness that comes with full acceptance of oneself – and all the particularities that brings. “I am weird and that’s fine”, she grins. She also tells me that she did own a velvet suit that completed the image of the 80s inspired disco doll. “It was pink, and I loved it, but it was worn-out already when I made the track. It got to join some dance floors, though.”

Kindness and Art

The theme of the record is also reflected in the music videos. Trying to get back to that place of youthful carefreeness, the title track’s video impersonates that by showing Marie and her friends on a night out in the city. “I asked my female friends to put on what they want, have a drink, and come dance in the street. It is to showcase the small things and that you do not need to have a lot to have fun.” That appreciation for small things is enhanced by the safety created in all female party crew. Trust and sorority connect the women and make the video radiate warmth that comes from that connection.

For Marie Noreger the collaboration with other female artists is very important. She recently worked with Autumn Rowe, to produce the title track and the two women shared their experience with working in the music industry in an extended chat over at Notion.

“So many female artists do not get recognition in so many industries. That is sad. There is so much beautiful energy and power and kindness and art that women bring. But we always have to prove ourselves and work extra hard to earn that recognition.”

Giving out Music

Strengthening the bonds between women, also the track Miranda stands out. „It is for my little sister”, Marie says. “She is 21 now but she will always be my baby. I surprised her with the track, and she was very touched. Writing about people I have in my life is one of the most beautiful things actually. I take a lot of inspiration from the people in my life and their connections. It is like giving music out to someone else.”

When Marie Noreger released DDVS she passed it on – to her sister, her friends, her audience. “In the end it has nothing to do with me anymore”, she realizes. The music takes on its own life and depending on who listens to it, resonates differently each time. DDVS rings in my ears as I write this, and it sounds just a little different today than it did yesterday. With beats that sometimes almost lean into the trap territory and Marie’s voice that has a raspy edge as well as a crystal-clear high-pitched soar, it speaks to different characters each day.

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