IS TROPICAL -  I'm leaving 1. Lover's cave2. Dancing Anymore3.Lilith4.Leave The Party5.Cry6. Sun Sun7. Video8. All Night9. Toulouse10; Yellow Teeth

IS TROPICAL I’m leaving

1. Lover’s cave
2. Dancing Anymore
4.Leave The Party
6. Sun Sun
7. Video
8. All Night
9. Toulouse
10. Yellow Teeth

When IS TROPICAL unveiled their first music video of their new record I’m Leaving the music world was shocked. In Dancing Anymore a boy is masturbating almost the whole time. But actually it was quite a good idea to shoot such a bizarre video- they’ reached many people’s attention.

Now the London-based trios whole second album is out and it is a pretty mature one – it’s more elaborated than their debut record Native To and doesn’t continue the wild and insane electronic sound that you could find on the first LP. IS TROPICAL now attaches the importance to the vocals and not to the instruments anymore. And they immerged deeper into britpop, noise rock and early-70’s psychedelica. In an interview the band said that their sophomore record was a “progression” from Native To.”On ‘I’m Leaving’ we made sure that we made the right sound before we started to record. We also had lots of vintage guitars and synths to work with and record with Soviet era microphones”.

And there is also the fact that they worked together with Luke Smith – the producer of FOALS’ Total Life Forever. There simply had to emerge something great. It seems like they’ve found an almost perfect combination between electronica, indierock and pop on their second album. There is the noise-rock influenced Lovers Cave, Lilith and Cry which feature heavier guitars that are mixed with sophisticated electronic beats, the catchy pop tune Sun Sun and of course the intoxicating Dancing Anymore. And the top is the seven minutes long Yellow Teeth at the end – an absorbing  psychedelic masterpiece.

IS TROPICAL really surprise with their second record I’m Leaving. It is such an advance to it’s predecessor – a very good advance. As already mentioned – it just captures the ideal  mixture of some of the finest musical genres:  indie, electronica and pop.