From left to right: Tussilago (up), DePresno, Liss

From left to right: Tussilago (up), DePresno, Liss

Since we’re still pretty much stuck amidst the dark and snowy season, it’s probably best to look ahead for brighter things to arrive. And with whom could it be easier to dance away the winter depression as with our beloved experts from the Scandinavian countries? It’s long due to start the time of the regular Ja Ja Ja Club Nights again, starting with theur first edition after a little break in March. This time around will be the already quite familiar BLAUE BLUME from Denmark (at least for the Berlin show), along with their countrymen and newcomer LISS, DEPRESNO from Norway and TUSSILAGO from Sweden.

Once more, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION teams up with the folks from FluxFM to bring you up and coming acts from the North right into the heart of Berlin (and Hamburg). Find more details on the whole event right here and full ticket infos at the bottom of the article. And on top of it – we’re giving away 2×2 tickets for the events. Just send a mail to with the subject ‘Ja Ja Ja’, your full name and the city of your choice.

But first it’s time to get you introduced to the three hot new acts from the North right here. Since BLAUE BLUME already took part in it, get back to that as well right here, if you like. Lads and gents, a warm welcome to LISS from Denmark, DEPRESNO from Norway and TUSSILAGO from Sweden.

1. Name a stereotype about your country that is actually true, according to your experience.

Liss: We got a thing called tall poppy syndrome, which tells you that you are not better than anyone else. Many people in Denmark don’t like it, but it’s a huge part of our culture.

dePresno: ‘Norwegian arms’. When you don’t bother asking people to send the potatoes from the outmost corner of the table and just reach over to get it yourself. I do it all the time.

Tussilago: Everyone hugs! If you’ve met someone once before, you have to hug the person when you meet. Regardless of gender, we like to hug.

2. Name three songs that should not be absent from your personal ‘Nordic Music Playlist’

ROBYNWith every heartbeat
CASHMERE CAT – Weddingbells

O. MARTIN – dreamers
HIGHASAKITESince last Wednesday
NIILAS – Ocelote

DUNGEN – Franks Kaktus

3. What can we expect from your performance at the Ja Ja Ja club night?

Liss: Expect a lot of passion and a lot of songs you haven’t heard before.

dePresno: Expect namedropping of cities. Might even mention a german one!

Tussilago: We’re bringing the TUSSILAGO universe and will invite everyone to join!

4. What has been your best and also your most frustrating moment in your life as an artist so far?

Liss: That we have been working on the same songs for almost a year, and now we just want them out in the world and start working on new songs.

dePresno: Opening ‘Elleville festen’ last autumn with a queue of over a hundred people outside the venue was a surrealistic experience and probably the best experience, yet. The worst? When we went to the Netherlands we lost our connecting plane due to weather and got transferred to a later flight via Copenhagen and somewhere along the way they lost half of our gear. So the keyboardist had to borrow a synth and make all of the sounds all over again. We have a backup now…

Tussilago: Our worst moment is when all our instruments were stolen from the rehearsal room. We don’t really have a specific best moment but being able to do what we do and meet all these creative people on our journey is an amazing privilege.

5. Unleash your inner Burt Bacharach and complete the following sentence… ‘What the world needs now is…’

Liss: A common immigrant policy.

dePresno: What the world needs now is more music from PREP.

Tussilago: Solidarity. Now and always.

6. We are all about hope and passion – what two elements define your artistic work?

Liss: Love and honesty.

dePresno: Dedication and ambition. If you come to the shows I might sing a song about it.

Tussilago: Exploration and communication through music.

NBHAP & FluxFM presents Ja Ja Ja Club Night

Hamburg. Wednesday, March 9th, 2015 (Molotow)

Pre-Sale: 5€ (JaJaJa member) / 7€ (non-member)
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Berlin. Thursday, March 10th, 2015 (Fluxbau)

Pre-Sale: 5€ (JaJaJa member) / 7€ (non-member)
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