Jim Kroft - 48Hrs - LP_1

Some of music history’s finest pieces of work were recorded in a short amount of time, often due economic pressure (studio rent is usually far from being cheap) and a tight schedule. There’s a certain raw punk energy that lies within such a plan and it might have also been the intention of JIM KROFT when he went to the studio with a lot of befriended musicians last weekend. 48 hours to record an album? Everything’s possible if it’s for a good cause. And if you know NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you know that we’ve been following the adventures of this young man for quite a while. He travelled to Lesvos and the Idomeni border to document the horrible refugee crisis in Europe right now.

He returned with unique experiences and a clear vision in form of a boat. ‘Boat For Sara’ is the name of his fundraising campaign which is currently raising money to support those who help the people at the Mediterranean sea with their daily work. We reported about that before and the album is another way to raise awareness and money for this tragic situation right now. But being an optimist by nature  JIM KROFT organized not only the campaign but also the recording, a full band, 48 hours of studio time and all that for free – just for the good cause. He’s also setting up a charity concert in Berlin on April 8 to address the issue but also celebrate life and humanity in this course. We asked the beloved songwriter to document the chaotic but also creative last weekend via NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s Instagram profile, resulting in sweet photos, impressions and also short videos. You got three things to do right now.

Step 1. Go and support Jim’s fundraising campaign right here.

Step 2. If you happen to be in Berlin this Friday, please attend his charity concert. All info right here.

Step 3: Enjoy his Instagram Takeover right here

We found this little oregami boat in the studio. It was like it was meant to be. Amazing how meetings in the most terrible circumstances can so radically impact your your life, your will to act, your motivation to find a way to contribute. I’m in the studio, because of Sara. I wonder where she is now? The journey of a refugee doesn’t end. It’s ongoing. She’s a little 11 year old girl. I hope she finds a new place to call home soon. But hoping isn’t enough sometimes. Especially when you’ve seen something first hand. And have a deep sense of how ongoing the refugee experience is. I hope she’s as okay as is possible. And am at least grateful that her bravery was so inspiring to me. And continues to be so. This one’s for you, Sara x #NBHAPTakeover #NBHAP #BoatForSara

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Choir session. Completely humbled by my friends – love you all X #NBHAPTakeover #NBHAP #BoatForSara

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Berlin, 02:57am. #NBHAPTakeover #NBHAP #BoatForSara

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