Joan and the Sailors – Home Storm - album cover


01. Tic Tac
02. En Guantes Blancos
03. Light Over Innsmouth
04. Puzzle Of Feelings
05. Power That Bee
06. La Réalité
07. Train Song
08. Home Storm
09. Blue Moon
10. Double Rainbow (Bonus)

When Joan Seilor and her six sailors started out a few years back, they had their identity all worked out: they wanted their music to be associated with the natural things in life: land, water, sailing and…er…mermaids. Ok you wouldn’t automatically associate mermaids with Mother Nature, but this seven-piece group also like to think that their music shifts between reality to fantasy.

The Swiss psychedelic art pop act released their debut and (critically acclaimed) album Mermaid in November 2011. The album displays their unbelievable talent of infusing post rock, folk rock, indie rock and trip hop – which, surprisingly, sounds pleasantly fresh. Now that they have their signature sound firmly established in their native country (and across Europe), JOAN AN THE SAILORS are ready to release their second album Home Storm, due on 8 March. As the group work tirelessly writing and producing all the songs, they are hoping that Home Storm will continue their undeniable success.

Unlike Mermaids, Home Storm takes you into a more dense and dark place. Like the previous album, Home Storm has an element of ‘lightness’. So, it is very safe to say that the delicate (and sometimes borderline aggressive) guitar work (along with a heavy and dark tone) is very much their signature sound in this nine-track album – especially in the opener Tic-Tac and the song Home Storm. Although each and every one of the earthy member played a part in the carefully crafted productions, leader of the band Joan Seilor, is the star of the show: her crisp and light vocals bodies well with the whole dark production. Although the album is mainly English, Seilor sings in French (La Realite) and in Spanish (En Guantes Blancos), which is a great addition.

To sum up Home Storm in three words, it has to be: cold, dark, beautiful.