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Joe Snape - 'Brittle Love' - Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]JOE SNAPE
Brittle Love

Release-Date: 01.03.2015
Label: Slip

01. Hoi
02. Yesterday’s Bread Was So Much Better
03. Einzelfahrt
04. Brittle Love
05. Ooray
06. Lykavitos
07. Kalvou Four
08. Lada
09. Kalvou Three
10. Closed For Winter

NBHAP Rating: 3,9/5


Birmingham-born, Berlin-based

I will try to keep this brief, because I could happily write a couple of thousand words on this record. Introducing Brittle Love by JOE SNAPE – a Berlin local with a Birmingham origin, released on a wonderful Wedding/London label called Slip. This is self described instrumental pop-dreamscapes held together with sticky-tape. The synthesisers twitch and flicker, much like the giant, audio-triggered, lightbulb spider contraption that SNAPE performs on stage with.

Uncanny playground

The album, boasting a glorious fusion of familiar organic sounds such as coin drops which purposefully scratch a delicate nail down the glossy synthetic backdrop, forces the listener into an uncanny playground, where everything is a bit too hot to play with. Each sound is carefully questioned as digital or real, and happily processed to throw that question into more doubt. Experimental and eclectic pieces of well-arranged simplicity. You can stream and buy the whole album on Bandcamp, by the way.

Short but entertaining

Yesterday’s Bread Was So Much Better come’s in bright and strong. Sounding like a Rugrats b-side (whatever that is), naively delighting in it’s pitch-shifted and polyrhythmic arrangement, but without the density of the other tracks which allows a route in for the listener. A great place to start on Brittle Love. What is left is one of two records JOE SNAPE will be releasing this March, in which his charm and childish aesthetic will be expressed perfectly by a composed, and focussed pro. A short but entertaining experience

No questions here: JOE SNAPE’s ‘Brittle Love’ is a true highlight in the catalogue of British electronic label Slip.