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John Tejada - Signs Under Test

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Signs Under Test

Release-Date: 02.02.2015
Label: Kompakt Records

01. Two 0 One
02. Y 0 Why
03. Beacht
04. R.U.R
05. Vaalbara
06. Cryptochrome
07. Rubric
08. Penumbra
09. Endorphins
10. Meadow
11. Heave In Sight

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Occam’s Razor

When faced with a barrage of clutter in the electronic music scene of today, the simplest sound is almost always the right one. Austria-born, California-based JOHN TEJADA smartly sticks to his signature style of polished, minimal house that he has crafted in the greater part of his career. TEJADA’s style might not necessarily be classified into the generic ‘sound of the summer’ material, but it offers a refreshing respite for those who are tired of that ‘trendy’ sound. This arrangement has panned out well for him creatively – with nine full-length releases for diverse labels such as Plug Research, own imprint Palette and more recently, Kompakt over the course of an impressive 17 years.

Eye for detail

TEJADA’s eye for intricate detail in his productions have been the common denominator in his discography, setting him in a league of his own with the elegant, sculptured house that has become his trademark. In previous records such as 2011’s Parabolas, he narrowed himself to a definite spectrum of sounds which highlighted his ability to explore within certain sonic boundaries; and in 2012’s The Predicting Machine, the producer went wild with abandon, selecting sounds from the past and recreating it into something for the future.

Pushing the hardware

His third release for Kompakt after two and a half years, Signs Under Test is surprisingly mellow and dreamy, cutting away all the distractions that were instigated by The Predicting Machine. JOHN TEJADA also embraced the resurgence of analog samples and patches, which is most apparent in Penumbra and Beacht. His ability to push his hardware to its limits can be heard in the flawless production and also showcases his eloquence in the nitty-gritty of IDM and/or ambient electronica. Penumbra embraces both glossy melodic riffs with a mellow rhythm, and Meadow descends into an almost hypnotic tempo, coupled with the wet tech house riffs and shimmering pads that many have associated TEJADA with.

JOHN TEJADA clearly is aware that ‘Signs Under Test’ will not fit in with the current trend, however, it is definitely an album that grows on the listener after repeated plays.