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Jonathan Boulet - Gubba

[one_half last=”yes”]JONATHAN BOULET

Release-Date: 29.08.2014
Label: Popfrenzy

01. Don’t Call Me Champ
02. Hold It Down
03. Creeper
04. Is Anybody Dooming
05. You’re A Man
06. Lipshitz
07. Traveler
08. Bog
09. Set It Off
10. Fuddy Duddy
11. Derros
12. Strut King
13. Alright
14. High Five Guy

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Gubba Gubba Hey
‘Gubba’ is aboriginal slang for a white person; mostly meant as a racist insult. Guess you could say that BOULET, a white male from Australia, is a little self-ironical here. Apart from that there’s also a certain “Gabba Gabba Hey”-moment involved on this record, so it’s actually a quite fitting title. Although the punk of Gubba is more of the lo-fi/surfer-type.

Need for Speed
14 songs in 34 minutes? You better keep up the pace then. The opener Don’t Call Me Champ needs nothing more but 30 seconds to start a thrilling trip through garage, surf & punk in the following. BOULET certainly has a good sense for the dynamics all the way: some memoral hooks here, a little thrashing there. Gubba is a short but lively joy.

Garage spirit
As someone who worked in all kinds of musical style already, JONATHAN BOULET shows an impressive skill to implement pop into the raw garage-spirit of Gubba. That’s as positive as it is confusing at times. But certainly these songs are playful enough to make him look like someone who’s capable of basically everything. Fun record, exciting artist.

JONATHAN BOULET‘s Gubba is an entertaining piece of lo-fi-punk and surfer-spirit for friends of WAVVES or LE SAVY FAV.