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Joy Wellboy - Wedding

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


[one_half last=”yes”]JOY WELLBOY

Release-Date: 04.05.2015
Label: BPitch Control

01. Painkiller Nights
02. I Just Wanna Fall
03. I’m Waiting For You
04. The Magic
05. The Final Still
06. Within Another Dimension
07. Don’t Die In My Dreams
08. Comme Sur Des Roulettes
09. Latency
10. Time’s A Runaway Train
11. I’ve Ordered Some Sun
12. I Will Never Let You Down
13. Stay Here Forevermore
14. Hidden Track – Stony Grey




Meet Me In The Bedroom

JOY WELLBOY are a Belgian duo that’s going to release a wonderful album where elegance and good taste find their way in charming sound landscapes. The particular and eclectic voice of Joy Adegoke leads JOY WELLBOY‘s music through the darkness (I’m Waiting For You) and through the light (The Magic). Their new album is called Wedding and took inspiration from the place where they live, in particular their bedroom; where they slept, made love and wrote their songs. Wedding seems to reproduce the intimacy of the bedroom just like the lyrics of The Final Still. They are on tour in Germany with a live-concept that tries to replicate the intimacy of the album: On stage, JOY WELLBOY appear as just the two of them without any other musician.

Within Another Dimension

Wedding is an album that is more instant than the previous Yorokoby’s Mantra, JOY WELLBOY have now reached the club dimension with songs that sometimes can kill your brain. Within Another Dimension is a huge track – a dark disco rythm with hypnotic guitars and charming voice lines. Comme Sur Des Roulettes is a very good pop song that makes you want to sing it from the beginning on. The music of JOY WELLBOY is full of passion, you can feel it in every second of their albums. But with Wedding they managed to put the emphasis even more on their very own musical and emotional dimension. The record flows with its feelings and you are not able to understand at which point they become expressions of yours but they eventually do. Songs like I Will Never Let You Down or I’ve Ordered Some Sun are frail like glass but spread feelings strong like stones.

The Magic

JOY WELLBOY seem to have found their way, Wedding is a beautiful album. Its light can be cold and warm, blinding and dark but it never loses its beauty. In every song of the couple you can smell spring and autumn at the same time and you will be charmed by them when they take you by the hand as they lead you into a pop park under the sun in alternative clubbing forests. When the deep voice of Wim Janssenens meets the soft voice of Joy something special breaks the air. Echoes of XX, dream pop and new-wave reverberate throughout Wedding, making it a very good album. Something that you can listen to under the sun or in your bed during painkiller nights.

JOY WELLBOY’s second record ‘Wedding’ flows with its feelings with songs that are frail like glass but spread feelings strong like stones.