junius - days of the fallen sun - cover 2014

JUNIUSDays of the Fallen Sun

1. (Mediations)
2. The Time Of Perfect Virtue
3. (Shamanic Rituals)
4. A Day Dark With Night
5. (The Purge)
6. Battle In The Sky
7. (Nothingness)
8. Forgiving The Cleansing Meteor

JUNIUS‘ new EP Days of the Fallen Sun is the prequel to their 2009 debut album The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist. This album followed the idea ‘that the first track represents birth and last track death’ (read the full interview with JUNIUS). In 2011, Reports from the Threshold of Death was released, which – obviously – dealt with a person who died. But what happened before The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist? This story is told on Days of the Fallen Sun in a way that couldn’t be more stunning.

The EP sets the planet’s final days, through the fearful eyes of man (the catastrophist) to music. This all in only 25-minutes, and in a way that sounds fearful, anxious, and despaired. At the same time the days of the fallen sun sound breathtakingly beautiful, and lonely.

If you want to know how these dark days might sound, you should definitely listen to JUNIUS‘ new EP, because these post-rockers from Boston, USA, are the masters of putting emotions of the darkest days and hours into anthemic sounds, that best are listened with eyes closed.

Now that JUNIUS let us know what happened before The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, we know why the catastrophist is the one he became. But what happens after the Reports from the Threshold of Death? Definitely something to think about. But for now it’s time to cope with the things that happened on the Days of the Fallen Sun, and why the catastrophist became the one he is.

On their new EP JUNIUS set to music what man see on ‘The Days of the Fallen Sun’ through their fearful eyes. Dark emotional sounds with lyrics that couldn’t be more in-depth and touching.

NBHAP Rating: 4/5