Juryman - Wish road - Album Cover


1. Big thinkers
2. Love or something
3. All that’s left
4. The rack
5. Fubar
6. Stakeout
7. Researching
8. Out of Sight
9. The slide
10. E type in blue
11. What kind
12. Way to run

IAN SIMMONDS, the man behind JURYMAN, has been around music business for decades. The Welsh electronic experimental artist is well known for his musical openness having brought many influences to the electronic genre. Wandering between Germany and Britain, between Jazz and Electronica, he now presents his new album Wish Road, released under his project name JURYMAN. For SIMMONDS, it is not a usual album, it is a sign of being back in life. Having suffered from chronic autonomic cephalalgia – 24 hours headache – for the last year, he dedicates this album to everyone who has experienced this illness.

Wish Road is basically a jazz album, which is rooted in downtempo electronica. But this is not pretentious experimental. The experiments are rather made in the details of which there are many to discover. As in all previous records, SIMMONDS just does what feels right for him without following any rules. After the first two jazz tracks, he follows with the minimalistic dance track All that’s left, where his characteristic warm voice is supported just by a country guitar lick and a beat. The other tracks keep wandering between the worlds where you can choose to sit back and let it happen or stand straight and face the challenges, JURYMAN is offering. Don’t expect something easy, but expect to get a new idea of the term “experimental”.

JURYMAN was started as a project, where SIMMONDS “turned towards the Hip-Hop discourse” as he says. But it seems he cannot stick to the rules, even to his own. With this restless mind, he can look back to more than 50 releases covering all corners of his creativity. IAN SIMMONDS is not just a musician, he is an ambassador of valuing arts and music, and of living a life you chose – apart from every convention. If you have the chance to see him live, as DJ or in a project, you will know what it means. SIMMONDS always forgets everything around, being on stage or in studio. And he is one of the artists, who deeply appreciates your support giving him the possibility to keep moving on yet unexplored paths.