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1. Walking With A Ghost
2. Invisible Man
3. Castle In The Snow
4. Jolan
5. Bugs & Flowers
6. Hey!
7. Teddy Bear
8. K-Airline
9. The Eagle
10. Goodbye


With their new album Pop Collection KADEBOSTANY released a collection of unique and modern pop hymns. Electronic sounds meet traditional instruments – trumpets vs. beats, guitar lines vs. piano melodies. All perfectly melts together via the wonderful voice of enigmatic diva Amina.

It seems that KADEBOSTANY is more than just a band. Maybe it is the republic of incredible musical wealth and national values, with the charismatic president Kadebostan who decided to bring together the best musicians. With Pop Collection the small republic becomes the pop empire that does not have to be afraid of the big players. And last but not least it is not just the music that convinces the listener but also the band’s style and solid artistic credibility.

Singer Amina sings and raps, because she simply can do both amazingly well. But this not only proves the talent of Amina, even more it shows that there are simply no borders for KADEBOSTANY. And even if there would be some they would definitely not care about them and cross them. Especially pop music might have borders at least this is what often is thought, but that pop music can be borderless gets proven here.

As the refrain of Jolan says “J-O-L-A-N / Five letters / I love each of them / J-O-L-A-N / Five letters / I love each of them / And I love everything about you”, we’d like to sing “K-A-D-E-B-O-S-T-A-N-Y / eleven letters / we love each of them / K-A-D-E-B-O-S-T-A-N-Y / eleven letters / and we love everything about you.”

When a small republic becomes an empire. With their new album “Pop Collection” KADEBOSTANY break the borders of pop music and create something new.

NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5

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