Kasabian - '48:13' - Cover- 2014


01. (Shiva)
02. Bumblebeee
03. Stevie
04. (Mortis)
05. Doomsday
06. Treat
07. Glass
08. Explodes
09. (Levitation)
10. Clouds
11. Eez-Eh
12. Bow
13. S.P.S.



The Brits are back. KASABIAN return with their criptically titled new record 48:13. What this album has: enough hectic, space-​splash-​thrashy, voracious pop to make it kind of bi​z​arre, worthwhile fun -and​ chances are​it will take multiple listenings to even figure out exactly what is going on ​(if not to simply reconfirm that  you ​have been still listening to the same band all along. By taking almost 90s throwbackey sound and lyrics that rob the band of any cockinesss, KASABIAN have churned out something more manic which perhaps helps to define a band whose name otherwise melts ​-​ in with a dozen other blips on the radar over the past dozen years.

The tracks jump from wild disco-y to near-WILCO-esque lazy dad-rock with lyrics which are charmingly inane, but sprinkled with some attempt at poignancy. An interesting moment in the middle of the record – which initially might make you wince – turns out to be charming a spoken-word plea. An unusual choice, but it grew on me – as did the rest of the album.

The album title, 48:13, seems like a typo. By taking a step back and just titling the album with its length there is a sort of hyper-awareness that these are just files and this is just data – (and if the album/song titles are arbitrary and the band can’t be bothered, then maybe the music is arbitrary, so why should we?) Is emphasizing the length of the album – the time it takes to get through it – really a good move?  Ultimately, 48:13 is all over the place, but that keeps it interesting. I’m not entirely sure who this album is for, but it is worthwhile, and although there is something extremely attractive about an album which is cheeky, minimal, meta and, above all, magenta – it is no great work of art but it will help to jump-start your Summer.

KASABIAN deliver solid quality with their latest album ’48:13.’ Just the right amount of rock anthems to start the festival season.

NBHAP Ranking: 3,5/5