the kissaway trail - breach - album cover (2013)


01. Tell The Truth (The Breach)
02. Nørrebro
03. Cuts Of Youth (Razor Love)
04. The Springsteen Implosion
05. Sarah Jevo
06. Beauty Still Rebels
07. So Sorry, I’m Not
08. Sara (R.I.Punk)
09. The Sinking
10. Shaking The Mote
11. Robot (Think Of Me As One You Never Figured)
12. A Rainy Night In Soho

Danish indie rock band KISSAWAY TRAIL have a new album: Breach. And it is a strong one! On the one hand it is of course the music that convinces, on the other hand it is also the structures the band has in its back: Yep Rec as their label and Redeye Distribution as their distributor. Can it be any stronger? Well, hard to imagine.

Sometimes bands are forced to reinvent their sound. This can have different reasons. For KISSAWAY TRAIL it was the point that the band members had different perspectives on what they want to do and how the songs should sound like. So they redefined their sound, agreed on new goals made sure what the dreams they want to reach look like. Breach is the result of exactly that process. When the band started in 2005, KISSAWAY TRAIL was consisting of five members, lead by two singers and songwriting by the guitarists Søren Corneliussen and Thomas Fagerlund. At this time they melted together rock music sounds from bands like THE SMASHING PUMPKINS and NIRVANA with atmospheric sound from bands like THE FLAMING LIPS and BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Two albums with that sound were released – Kissaway Trail (2007) and Sleeping Mountain (2010). While preparing the third album two members left the band and the Cornliussen, Fagerlund and Hasse Mytskov decided to reinvent KISSAWAY TRAIL. Full of new energy they wrote new song, entered the studio and recorded Breach.

“With this new unity,” Mydtskov tells, “we were able to be more open with each other, more vulnerable, and really find out what we wanted to do. And what we wanted to do was much more straight ahead than the first two records, more aggressive, more in-your-face.” And that’s it! Breach is a high quality album full of atmospheric and dreamy pop-rock. While the first two albums sound sweet and at the same time heavy, Breach knows no detours, goes directly into the listeners ears and tells about transformation and turning points. Intuitive refrains like in the song Nørrebro prove that KISSAWAY TRAIL found who they are and what they want.

Guitars meet synths meet great vocals: already now KISSAWAY TRAIL‘s new album Breach is a classic!