kokomo 2013

KOKOMO released their new album which is simply titled Kokomo some weeks ago. It is the German post-rock band’s third full-length record and was recorded by their drummer Tobias in their own home studio in Duisburg.

kokomo - kokomo - 2013 - album cover


01. Kaputt Finker
02. They Seem To Be Dead Set
03. Tauben Im Gras
04. Ein Dachs Hat Zweifel
05. Deconstructure
06. Le Trieste

The album’s first track, Kaputt Finker, premiered on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s free post-rock compilation “Nothing But… Post-Rock” and the song Tauben Im Gras also premiered on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The band itself tells that “music can be heard, described, categorized and analyzed in countless ways. Thodor W.Adorno for instance distinguished between popular and serious and by this gave music a difference in value which is still in use today. But no matter how one approaches music, it is for sure that music is socially produced as well as socially productive. And this the main concern behind KOKOMO.”

KOKOMO do not reinvent instrumental rock music and they surely don’t play anything “new”, but what they bring with their new album is amazingly atmospheric. And it is atmosphere and profundity what their music is about. Kokomo is an album to get lost in reminiscences while listening. And album that is not just about nice tunes and good riffs, it is an album that is about letting go and thinking about literally everything.

“We hope that we can set ourselves a little bit apart with the new album and on our upcoming concerts, but above all we want to let our music speak for itself. Because since Jaques Derrida we know that words are only sleeves and can change their meaning every day.” KOKOMO know what they want, know who they are and more than this they do what they want in their very own way. A way which is definitely the right one.

If you are into atmospheric instrumental rock music / post-rock, then Kokomo is an album you should check out. You can stream the entire album below. If your are still thinking why band’s like KOKOMO don’t sing: sometimes we start thinking about things exactly at the point when nothing is said. Emotions don’t need words, just atmosphere.