01. Goldfisch
02. Opa
03. Bappedekkel
04. Der Alte
05. All That Matters
06. Basshund
07. Silberpfeil
08. Oma
09. Zig
10. Eiswinter
11. Wasserschutz
12. Loreley
13. Felix



Given his past chart success, Danish producer Rune Reilly KÖLSCH must be feeling the pressure of maintaining the success with this latest album, 1977. On the contrary as this 13 track album – released on famous German techno label Kompakt – is described as having ‘anthem-ready tracks’ that will no doubt receive serious attention on the radio and, of course, in many clubs across the globe.

At the beginning of 1977, you’re met with the heavy presence of the organ coupled with the equally strong presence of the classic thumping up tempo techno beat. The constant presence of the organ is featured in Goldfisch, Opa, and Bappedekkel.  Through these tracks, I was very certain that this awkward combination of the organ and a classic club beat would be the theme throughout the whole album. However the Der Alte breaks up that combination by offering a more straightforward Chicago house beat that could easily be a club anthem, not just for this summer, but perhaps five or even ten years from now and the same statement applies to the chilled out (and very likeable) All That Matters (which features Troels Abrahamsen’s light and on-point vocals) and the seriously hard-hitting Basshund. The combination of the organ and the classic techno beat returns with Silberpfeil but this time it feels lighter and it has a little tribal feel to it, making it a standout track in the album. 1977 pretty much continues with its (now much little lighter) signature theme with uplifting/ feel good Oma and Zig.

1977 is definitely an album that displays why KÖLSCH is one of the most recognisable dance producers of today. Having said that, I feel that the beginning of the album was overpowering (with presence of the organ) which made me question the producer’s efforts. However further along the album I really begin to appreciate the work and effort that KÖLSCH put into it as there are some seriously (and I mean seriously) solid house/techno tracks that doesn’t deserved to be ignored.