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Ghost Beach - Blonde Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]LASSE MATTHIESSEN

Release-Date: 12.09.2014
Label: TV Noir

01. Broken
02. Falling
03. Of Silver and Gold
04. Reverend
05. Here With Me Tonight
06. It Hasn’t Healed
07. Seven Ravens
08. I Saw Her Face
09. Wildfires
10. Pulling Away
11. WinterGut
12. Climb to Bed

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Traveling Matthiessen
This album is like a train ride that is taking you across a melancholy land. The train is passing different decades, different cities but has its final stop in harmony.

Wildfires is an impressionist album with quite some contrasts. Most lyrics are quit dark and serene still dreamy and fragile. MATTHIESSEN‘s voice is a bit rugged but at all times very elegant.

Styles are just styles
Folky, yes. But so much more than that. Quit edgy and delivered in a gracious whole.

Dreamy and trouble-minded but still a feel-good album. LASSE MATTHIESSEN and his album ‘Wildfires’ deliver everything we need.