Le Guess Who Festival 2013

Le Guess Who? This excellent festival in it’s 7th edition, has an influx of bands performing each November in the vibrant student town in Utrecht, Holland. This year from November 28th – December 1st. A unique line up of the best in new and independent music, running side by side with another popular event, London Calling (taken from THE CLASH album) in Amsterdam from November 1st-2nd at Paradiso.

From its inception Le Guess Who? was centred in exposing promising Canadian acts. From the excellent belting sounds from Canadian Polaris Price nominees Metz, to the intricate over dubs and none the less outstanding music from Braids. As well as a myriad of other brilliant international music coming from THE DODOS, THE WYTCHES zunning into psych surf doom, Brooklyn CRYSTAL STILTS lofi reverbs and MARK LANEGAN’s unmistakable blues growl. This event is growing in notoriety attracting an ever growing international line up, 60 acts fit for the most prominent of festivals around.

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