liquid casing a separate divide album cover

Liquid Casing A Separate | Divide

01. A Path of Footprints Forged in the Midnight Sun
02. Alambrista
03. Fingerprint Armada
04. The Line which Divides
05. For a Memory Erased
06.Non-Linear Solution
07. Checkpoints and Borders
08. An End to a Means
09. Riot Path

What’s so wonderful about the music industry today is that many artists make no apologies for mixing and experimenting with genres – whether it works or not.  Alvaro (guitar/vocals), Okikiolu (saxophone/keys), Jim (vocals/bass) and John (drums/percussion) – otherwise known as LIQUID CASING – are certainly not afraid to push the boundaries.

Hailing from Texas, this four piece act is widely described as a progressive rock group, but there are also elements of jazz, with a hint of afrobeat –think of the SEX PISTOLS and MILES DAVIS in the same band. It may sounds a little strange or way out there –but it’s also undeniably intriguing. This unlikely infusion is in the form of their upcoming album A Separate | Divide, set for release on 25 June.  This nine track production is highly politically and emotionally charged, fuelled with some strong messages that are widely considered a taboo subject in today’s socio-political climate. With their experimental sound, LIQUID CASING is hoping this album will shed light on ‘man’s exploitative use of arbitrary divides.’

A Separate | Divide kicks off with, A Path of Footprints Forged in the Midnight Sun. This guitar-raging- violent-drumming- squeaking-vocals production doesn’t really quench the curiosity in discovering this new and exciting genre. However further down the line, there are some real treasures, as there is a real introduction to the perfect infusion of punk, jazz and afrobeat in the instrumental Alambrista, The Lines Which Divides, Non-Linear Solution, An End to a Means. The final track, Riot Path is the star song of the album, as it processes a more enchanting blend of the three genres – and it’s the only time where the vocals is truly welcomed.

Overall, A Separate | Divide is definitely an interesting album that’s worth a listen, as this unique band come up with something that’s never been tempted before.  The only let down is the very average vocals.