lis er stille - flight of belljár - cover 2013

LIS ER STILLEFlight of Belljár

1. Lyncher’s Aim
2. Conceiver Theme Believe Us
3. The Prism Arch

Early last year Danish rock orchestra LIS ER STILLE released their amazing album Nous, now the band is back with their fifth release, which confronts their traditions and systems and at the same time invites new ears to join in on a contrasting world of optimism and consequence. LIS ER STILLE‘s Flight of Belljár EP features three songs, three stages into void by Denmark’s quasi-royal kings of progressive rock and modern epic. Twenty-two minutes of pure awesomeness, that not even a band like MUSE can create that easy.

To counteract the fact that people spend less & less time on more & more, LIS ER STILLE faced the challenge, determined to compress bombastic dimensions into a less time consuming design. Flight of Belljár transgresses the compilation-design of the regular EP and becomes one piece intertwined. It “‘Flight of Belljár’ covers three stages in three distinct stories. Initially we are thrust into few seconds before the total obliteration of The Earth, hence follows the story of what led us into the void and ultimately a hymn is sung from an empty Earth, where no human live, concluding the phase. The depiction of these three stages has been essential in the intern debates in the band and it disembarks as a natural extension of our earlier works, while striving to describe the consequences of the Human race and its doings on the world.” lead singer Martin Byrial explains.

As with the previous release Nous, Flight of Belljár was produced and recorded in LIS ER STILLE’s own studio. This time with an even stronger focus on refining the recorded sound of every melody featured on the mini album, in order to give as much stimulus to the ears listening as possible. “With ‘Flight of Belljár’ our goal is to break down every possible prejudices about our music as being complicated and for the few. We believe that a lot of new ears will understand the meaning if the sound actually reaches them. We will work as hard as possible for the human body to achieve this!” says guitarist Tue Schmidt Rasmussen.

If you are into progressive rock and epic music, then you will definitely fall in love with LIS ER STILLE. If you like spheric sounds then this one is for you! You can stream the entire mini-album right here: