Louise Aubrie – The Honoured Alibi   - Cover- 2013

LOUISE AUBRIE – The Honoured Alibi

1. Where Are You
2. Lovestruck
3. Keep It Coming
4. Circuit
5. Tonight At Ronnie’s
6. The Seams
7. In Honour
8. Gold



What do you get if you put THE SMITHS, THE KILLERS and KIRSTY MacCOLL together? Probably something like post punk rising star LOUISE AUBRIE.

The London-born sensation started out recording at the renowned Mill Hill Music Complex in North London. It wasn’t long after that AUBRIE  headed to New York to put her stamp on indie rock/post rock. Aubrie teamed up with Boz Boorer to release her debut album, Fingers Crossed. The 2010 album received critical praise on both sides of the pond. LOUISE AUBRIE’s collaboration with Boorer was the best move to jumpstart her music career: Boorer is hailed as one of the forerunners of British rockabilly movement and being a longtime member of MORRISSEY‘s live band.

The AUBRIE/Boorer collaboration continues with the second album, The Honoured Alibi. The eight-track production was released last month and already it has caused quite a stir. The first song from the album is the feel good/up tempo, Where Are You, which peaked at number 30 in the national digital indie airplay chart as well as earning a place in the top 100 mainstream chart.

I suspect that the success of The Honoured Alibi will continue has it features the equally feel-good, upbeat summer songs, Lovestruck and Keep It Coming. The album also features the oh-so—very-soothing Circuit and Gold where LOUISE AUBRIE’s usual upbeat, half gutsy and high pitched vocals turns all soft and emotional, which is a real pleasure to the ears. Personally Circuit and Gold have all the ingredients to become big hits.

When you get the chance to listen to the album, pay particular attention to LOUISE AUBRIE’s vocals –she definitely sounds like the 1980s favourite KIRSTY MacCOLL. If you agree (or disagree) on this, please have your say – answers below please! In a nutshell, The Honoured Alibi is a very pleasant and likeable album that would easily create an enjoyable atmosphere at a get-together with some friends during the summer days and nights. Another one to add to your summer music collection!