max million - afterimages ep - 2014 cover

MAX MILLIONAfterimages

1. The Rout of Ellipsis
2. Sub Strata (live-edit)
3. Soundway
4. If You Knew

About two years ago Greek artist MAX MILLION‘s Sub Strata was featured on the IDM compilation [ Ambrosia ]. A track to fall in love with. A track with a perfect sound design and atmosphere. On February 14th, MAX MILLION finally releases a four-track-EP entitled Afterimages, which you can now stream on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

MAX MILLION‘s music has often been described as unlabeled, since it explores a unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds. Atmospheric sound-scapes set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy. Call this music whatever you like, it’s nothing less than perfection.

Afterimages starts with The Rout of Elipsis, a track that blows away everything with its sounds from outer space. When the 1990s synths come in at the end you won’t even think of the 1990s. All you’ll maybe think about is what a stroke of genius it’s to bring in exactly these sounds. The EP goes on with a stunning live edit of Sub Strata, which shows the track from another – again perfect – side. Halfway through, it’s already time to realize that Afterimages is an EP that you’ll probably listen to for ages, but then comes Soundway. Time to understand that no words can describe this atmosphere. Not even the word “perfection” can express these extraordinary sounds and this atmosphere created. And if MAX MILLION exactly knew what breathtaking tracks he created, he names the closing track If You Knew. Seriously, if we only knew the right words. MAX MILLION knows how to find the right sounds and how to arrange them to create something mind-blowing.

On his new EP ‘Afterimages’ (out February 14th via TBMr Records) MAX MILLION sets to music what is called perfection.

NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5