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Wirewalker - Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]MISSINCAT

Release-Date: 27.02.2015
Label: Revolver Distribution Services

01. TenLines
02. All I Needed
03. Pirates
04. Bitter
05. Don’t Let Her
06. Wolf in a Sheepskin
07. Star
08. Daylight
09. Stay
10. Wire Walker


NBHAP Rating: 3,2/5


Sitting Comfortably

Wirewalker, might already by the third album from Italian singer/songwriter Caterina Barbieri AKA MISSINCAT but of course, to most of us she still feels like an insider tip. Maybe it’s time to finally change that? Barbieri’s husky voice is a pervasive influence on each track, often overpowering much softer instrumental additions. While very confident in her distinctive vocals, at times, the music appears, by contrast, to be nervously toeing the line of her lyrics. Her work, while presenting ranges of feeling, is careful not to step outside itself. MISSINCAT comfortably sits within the acoustic pop genre but rarely expands the limits of this classification.

Some Assertive Acoustics?

As her soft voice inscribes itself into each track, the result is that the music and the vocals melt into each other, creating a somewhat homogenised sound within Wirewalker. What may appear a peaceful aesthetic can also come across as a lack a confidence. However, when her music asserts itself it is, at times, inspired. In Pirates, the lyrical verses take less of a front seat; the track foregrounds, instead, a piano-driven instrumental accompaniment that guides her work into a more interesting variation on her mellow vocals. In spite of its soft quality, MISSINCAT’s voice comes into its own when given truly poetic lyrics. Daylight acknowledges the inherent emotion inside her voice and provides it with beautiful lines to depict, in this case, a blinding optimism through her unique verses. At these moments, her vocals, while often overshadowing her music, transport a real range of emotions.

Lyrics First

Wirewalker is, indeed, at times, repetitive. It finds a chord and wears it through; but the lyrics are engaging and devoted to carrying the tune. Star is a perfect example of where the artist accepts her style and runs with it. This lullaby, romantic-style tune appreciates the harmony between calm melodies and gentle choruses. While Wirewalker can awkwardly define itself by Barberi’s unique voice, at its moments of brilliance, the music is also positioned more centrally, creating a very sensitive response to her beautiful lyrics. As MISSINCAT gains public interest and recognition, her work will surely develop into much more than her stunning voice.

‘Wirewalker’, the third LP by MISSINCAT is a sensational mixture of dulcet tones and powerful emotions, although lacking a bit of bravery.