Moke - Collider (2013)

MOKE Collider

01. Tears
02. Burning The Ground
03. Scratch Marks
04. Opening Up
05. I’ve Got Silence You’ve Got Sound
06. Didn’t Want My Love
07. Sing On
08. Straight To You
09. Lessons To Learn
10. Jesus Child
11. Almost Home

They have been the support of famous musicians as PAUL WELLER, AMY MACDONALD, RAZORLIGHT and KEANE on their tours. One of their songs has been featured on a Toyota television commercial. They earned the status of the number one indie band in their home country, the Netherlands. And finally they have been chosen by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld to promote one of his fashion lines in the Benelux countries. Assumed: MOKE haven been very successful in the last few years. And it seems like the Dutch bands’ success will continue with the third record Collider which hitted the stores a few days ago. But the things aren’t always as they seem.

The albums’ name is inspired by the “Large Hadron Collider”- the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. And the quite colourful cover for it was created by MOKE‘s very own design team The Stone Twins. Felix Maginn- the leadsinger- named the reason for choosing this name in an interview: “MOKE has stepped into its own collider in order to search for the foundation of a truly good song. And what it is exactly, that makes it a MOKE tune. That’s what we’d like to know. We found out that MOKE is actually more colourful than we’d thought previously.’
 Every song on Collider could work as an own single – they all are pretty catchy and radio suitable: from the quite anthemic and rocky opener Tears to the slow and sad ballad Sing On. Collider is an album that can definitely reach a spot in the pop charts. Memorable and easy melodies are featured in every song on MOKE‘s third longplayer.

Apart from this great attributes there is still one piece missing: the inimitability, the special touch. MOKE don’t seem to have a unique sound – the album could be created by almost every band which is featured in the radio. The lack of this trait might work for a short time but in a long-term view Collider will drop off the radar. Just a few real fans will remember them. Hopefully this will change and MOKE will manage to find their very own sound in the near future – something less simple as their current record Collider would be highly recommendable.