seven songs with mozes and the firstborn

Finally they are here. The messiah has arisen. Break the shackles of daily routine, the straitjacket of expectations. Break free from everything you love. Resistance is futile.

The garage pop band MOZES AND THE FIRSTBORN from Eindhoven, Netherlands, will play at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany, next week. Since NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION just released a new free download sampler about the garage music and will also attend Reeperbahn Festival we sat together with MOZES AND THE FIRSTBORN‘s singer Melle to talk about his favorite top songs he used to sing and dance to at home.

Seven Songs Melle from MOZES AND THE FIRSTBORN Used To Sing And Dance To At Home


MICHAEL JACKSON – “They Don’t Care About Us”

When I was 5 years old I wanted to become MICHAEL JACKSON. I used to put on this song, jump around on my bed and reach for my crotch every time Michael hit a high note.


The first time I heard such heavy music on the radio. I thought it was really funny to run around the house headbanging, sort of singing along with a really deep voice. So did my family… The first three times probably.

WU TANG CLAN – “Gravel Pit”

I started to play this really loud at home to piss my brother off, because he was into 2PAC. We kind of had an East Side vs. West Side thing going on. Of course, as an 11-year old I had no clue what they were talking about, but I liked the explicit video!

NIRVANA – “Stay Away”

I listened to Nevermind constantly when I was about 13 or 14. I used to put this on at maximum volume on my mp3-player when I entered the so-hated Mathematics class room. To kind of make a statement… Ha ha! That is quite silly, come to think of it…

JOY DIVISION – “Disorder” (live at Effenaar Eindhoven)

One night when Guus (our tour manager and BFF) and I were 15, we secretyly smoked cigarettes and drank beer when my mom wasn’t home. This song came on and we spontaneously started slam-dancing on my balcony.

THE STROKES – “Heart In A Cage”

When I was 19 my first real love broke up with me and I started to drink quite a bit for a couple of weeks. Those nights usually ended with me passionately impersonating Julian Casablancas performing this song.

WIPERS – “Is This Real”

This is the song I dance to at home nowadays. The contrast between the raw power of the music and the shoddy interior design of my late grandma’s house I live in, is quite interesting.