MS MR - Secondhand Rapture - Albumcover - 2013

MS MR Secondhand Rapture

01. Hurricane
02. Bones
03. Ash Tree Lane
04. Fantasy
05. Dark Doo Wop
06. Head Is Not My Home
07. Salty Sweet
08. Think Of You
09. Twenty Seven
10. BTSK
11. No Trace
12. This Isn’t Control

New music from Lizzy Plapinger is always cause for celebration. This time she got together with synth master Max Hershenow alias MR. Together they are the new tumblr pop sensation of the year, MS MR. These two made music bloggers in all over the world go cross eyed and dribbly. We asked us, how could anyone resist little unsubstantiated web hype? Well, we sure can’t. That’s why we got all excited to hear they were going to release their first album. And we must admit, the hype might just have been justified. There is actually something quite special about these two.

If “Tumblr-Glith-Pop” wasn’t a thing before MS MR, it certainly is now. Their music holds that magic ace of feeling both unhinged and perfectly formed at the same time; there are hints of FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE‘s operatic nostalgia all over Secondhand Rapture, but also something completely new and vital. It’s that dark vintage sound, which not matter what seems to have a driving, yes even manic, intensity to it.

Plapinger invites us at the very beginning of the opening track Hurricane to join her into her world: “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.”  This track lives of a little too much reverberation, some stomping drum beats and that typical 80’s wave sound. If that’s really what her mind looks like it must be pretty amazing. Then follows the infectiously dark Bones which is used on the new Game of Thrones trailer. And also Dark Doo Wop, a kind of apocalyptic love song with its vocals so soft and and sultry soulful, cast a spell over us.

It’s been thanks to MS MR that for the last week we have been lost in 42 minutes of rapture. By that we of course mean the spectacular Secondhand Rapture longplayer. Indulge yourself in some poptastic dance pop and Plapingers dark inner world.