Marbert Rocel - 2015 - Photo by Dirk Rauscher

Photo by Dirk Rauscher

How to survive the upcoming month of October, when days get shorter, sun shows rarely and a nightmare named winter becomes more and more foreseeable ? Well, we recommend to try this one:

MARBERT ROCEL deliver us a mix that’s best heard in the late summer and early autumn days, when clubbing isn’t open air anymore and your between-seasons jacket has become the daily choice. As the band’s music have always been electric and eclectic so is their mix. This isn’t a mixture of monotone mid tempo beats fading from one into another, this is colourful lightness.

As a collective of ambitioned producers of electronic music MARBERT ROCEL were founded and joined by such names as PANTHERA KRAUSE, MARTIN KOHLSTEDT and MATHIAS KADEN. Commuting easily between house music heartland Jena and Leipzig, busy remixing and getting remixed by friends, fellow and appreciated musicians.

Therefore we got 48 minute long well rounded music mixture, bringing in familiar faces like the bands own Panthera Krause or Leipzigs local heroes PRAEZISA RAPID 3000, but some big names as well. South African Electronica crooner Portable, with an edit taken directly from DJ KOZE’s highly respected DJ Kicks Mix as well as a bouncing THOM YORKE tune from his latest solo release, somewhere between glitchy fidgeting and pure melancholy. Even the enraptured folky dream pop mélange of THE WAR ON DRUGS seems to fit perfectly between rumbling hip hop tunes and soft vocal electronica. Here’s what MARBERT ROCEL have to say about it:

This mix reminds us of the radiomixes we did years ago in our hometown ,when we started collecting and making music – a mixed/ non-mixed compilation made for friends, to show some gems and to share the music we like to listen to at home. Of course we put some tracks of Leipzig based artists into it, like the wonderful track Mirage from New World or Präzisa Rapid 3000s – Thom Liwa as well as our self-made all-time favorite Tim Neuhaus – As Life Found You (Marbert Rocel Rmx). We hope, you’ll enjoy it!

Well, we definitely do and probably, so will you!

01. Close feat. Jo Dukie – My Way (Tanner Ross & Slowhands RMX)
02. Portable feat. Lcio – Surrender (Kosi Edit)
03. Tim Neuhaus – As Life Found You (Marbert Rocel RMX)
04. New World – Mirage
05. Thom Yorke – The Mother Lode
06. Präzisa Rapid 3000 – Thom Liwa
07. Wild Belle – When It’s Over
08. Dexter – One For Yusef
09. The War On Drugs – In Reverse
10. Panthera Krause – Condensed Matter