All I want to do is make music for a living so that I can live to make music.

The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer and belongs to the oldest and most influential work of Western literature. The poem mainly centers on the Greek hero Odysseus and his adventurous journey home after the fall of Troy. For the very same reason the word odyssey has come to refer to an epic voyage consisting of plenty errors.

Amir Mohamed el Khalifa, better known by his stage name ODDISEE , seems inspired by life’s journey which exactly consists of these gaps and falsities that help him appreciate the beauty in the world. 

It’s about the flaws and mistakes that give life its character and worth.

His music comes from what he observes during his travels around the world. It’s the little details and things people take for granted and walk by that he takes up an issue and expresses by the help of his art. ODDISEE bears down with the cliché of the typical rappers in the industry. Instead of blowing loads of money for status symbols and selling false dreams, he claims that a lot of things we aspire to have, we can actually achieve because they’re not as far-fetched as we think they are. Therefore gathering meaningful experiences doesn’t have to depend on your life standard.

They think that aspect of life is shut off, and I just wanted to shed light on that.

Among his parents musical heritages and the hip hop influence from his older cousins, the Early East Coast emcees such as RAKIM and A TRIBE CALLED QUEST mainly shaped musical sound and his way of looking at things. After ODDISEE ’s debut album People Hear What They See he recently released his newest instrumental project “The Beauty In All”. The basic rationale behind this record is to turn imperfections of life from apparent barriers into useful steps forward. On top of that, he also dropped out his tenth mixtape Tangible Dream that is dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success and shedding light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life, on the same day.

Exactly this strong and reflective personality ran like a golden thread through his last night’s performance at Lido in Berlin. After his support JUJU ROGERS warmed up the primarily reserved audience, ODDISEE entered the third European stage on his current tour with his five-member band. Even after a two hour mix of tracks from his albums and mixtapes they didn’t grow tired of performing and giving encores. It’s not hard to believe that these guys love what they’re doing. One could see and nearly fell their passion for music. The entire band not only supported the artist but rather became a unit with the amazing rapper. Thus each member had enough space to open up and offer their personal musical backgrounds to the obviously impressed crowd.

ODDISEE not only convinces by presenting his great rap skills but most importantly by being pure and combining the beauty in all through his lyrics and melodies. There are still nine dates left- so make sure you grab your chance to see this straight artist live on stage!


20.11.2013 – DE – Hamburg – Klubsen
22.11.2013 – DE – Franz Mehlhose
24.11.2013 – AT – Wien – B72
25.11.2013 – DE – Frankfurt – Das Bett
27.11.2013 – CH – Basel – Kaserne
28.11.2013 – CH – Zürich – Exil
29.11.2013 – DE – Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnhof
30.11.2013 – NL – Utrecht – Le Guess Who
01.12.2013 – UK – London – Garage