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Opeth - 'Pale Communion

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Pale Communion

Release-Date: 25.08.2014
Label: Roadrunner

01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River
07. Voice of Treason
08. Faith in Others

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


The old and the new
This progressive rock album is everything we know OPETH can do. Still they have managed to be even more melodic, dreamy and sinister than before. Even if this is already the 11th album of the legendary group.

Clean cut with influences
Mikael Akerfelds voice is once again very clean and sharp. Furthermore we can hear the bluesy and folky influences in the sublime instrumentation on Pale Communion as well.

Cover design
Travis Smith, who has worked with OPETH before, has designed the album cover. It shows a renaissance like tryptic that represent Latin proverbs. The cover is an accompaniment of the lyricism.

‘Pale Communion’ is a heavily dreamy and beautiful melodic album that once again shows how fresh a band like OPETH can be.