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10 Memorable Performances From Reeperbahn Festival 2018

What's hot and what's not? Hamburg's annual music industry get together gave us hundreds of artists to answer this more or less essential question. Three of us went out to explore the musical microcosm of the Reeperbahn on these four nights and these are the performances that surely left a mark.
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Reasons to Celebrate: Jubilees & Premieres at the c/o pop Festival 2018

This year's c/o pop Festival is packed with an incredibly diverse program - be it the c/o pop festival itself, the c/o pop convention, the New Talent Day or the Super-Samstag. Dedicated music folk have the chance to switch between concerts, showcases, talks and workshops. So what shall we recommend? NBHAP looks closer at the 2018 line-up and found five reasons to celebrate.
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