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Your place at NBHAP when it comes musical recommendations and specific sounds. We bring you our personal tips, carefully curated playlists and musical discoveries to make your life essentially better on the music front.

DJ Supermarkt Celebrates Grooving Diversity In This Exclusive “The Black Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco” Guestmix

It's a weird summer for all of us; this season feels different and forces us to improvise on a lot of things - and clubbing is one of them. Luckily we got a true expert for smooth disco grooves on board to help us with that. DJ Supermarkt returns to the digital turntables with a wonderful selection of laidback and soulful gems from the good ol' days. It's a much needed celebration of diversity, female power and positive spirit - and we could all use a bit of that in the year 2020, right?
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One Month Of Music: A Personal June Recap by Norman Fleischer

How do you keep an overview about the countless new releases in the world of music? Well, easier said than done but thank god the staff of NBHAP keeps an overview. In this column one from the team personnally reflects on the past four weeks and the music that matters during this time. This time it's the turn of NBHAP head Norman to ramble about our favourite passion in the world.
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10 Albums By Musicians Of Color To Buy Via Bandcamp On Juneteenth

The ongoing state-sanctioned violence against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the US and around the world is fueling our hearts with sadness and anger but there's so much we all can do to make a difference. Supporting and listening to the voices of marginalized artists and musicians is just one aspect. This Juneteenth Bandcamp steps up and for every purchase you make they'll be donating 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a national organization enacting racial justice and working towards change through litigation, advocacy, and public education. Here are just ten records to purchase today via Bandcamp to support the cause.
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